Bitcoin lighting gui github

bitcoin lighting gui github

not currently designed to be stable or to be used externally). Web Interfaces, discovery wallet - Web custodial wallet; Live demo fulmo - A minimalist c-lightning UI, joule - A chrome extension that enables payments and other interactions with lightning apps (Similar to MetaMask) kugelblitz - A simple UI for the c-lightning daemon lightningd and bitcoind. Block Size : 3MB, block Reward: 64 bltg increasing to 80 at block 88900. A curated list of awesome Lightning Network resources, apps, and libraries.

Mobile applications Explorers Misc Developer Resources Libraries FileBazzar - Sell digital files with Lightning Lighter - LN node wrapper for c-lightning, eclair and LND (Python) lightning-charge-client-js - JavaScript client for lightning-charge lightning-charge-client-php - PHP client for lightning-charge lightning-charge - A simple drop-in solution for accepting. Lightning Peach Wallet - Bitfury Lightning Wallet spark-wallet - Minimal GUI for c-lightning; available as web, mobile and desktop application. Coin Type : POS, algorithm : Scrypt, block Time : 90 Sec Approx. Read the contribution guidelines first. Coin Maturity : 89 Block, rPC Port: 17126, network Port: 17127.

Specifications / White Papers, applications, desktop Interfaces lightning-app - Cross-platform Lightning Desktop Application lnd-gui - Lightning MacOS GUI Wallet eclair-node-gui - Cross-platform desktop GUI for Lightning zap-desktop - Lightning Network bilder aus internet wissenschaftliche arbeit desktop application, presto - c-lightning based desktop wallet. Ride The Lightning - Web Client for LND Daemon written in NodeJS / Angular. #Bitcoin Lightning Coin Specification, coin Name : Bitcoin Lightning, ticker : bltg. Init used by multiprocess code to access interfaces above on startup. The following interfaces are defined here: Chain used by wallet to access blockchain and mempool state.