Generate new bitcoin adress for bitcoin cash

generate new bitcoin adress for bitcoin cash

the community to begin using the new version. I think gdax (now Coinbase Pro) just remove the bitcoincash: prefix before displaying to users. Take a look here to see an example of the difference between legacy and CashAddr addresses. Q: Why do my Bitcoin Cash addresses look different? Q: Is this a protocol change, soft-fork, or hard-fork? A: Bitcoin Cash addresses now look like this: They can also have a prefix Each Bitcoin Cash address also has a legacy address, which is its corresponding bitcoin address. You can create one from this link.

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Also you will be able to trade most of the cryptos here. Ultimately, having a different address format for each will help you distinguish which currency youre transacting with, allowing you to use BTC and BCH more easily. By, blockchain Team, january 23, 2018, until earlier this month, bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash addresses used the same format, making it difficult to ensure you were transacting using geld verdienen mit adpackpro the correct currencys address. In order to simplify the process for transacting with both bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for our users, Blockchain wallets are now using an a new format (CashAddr) for Bitcoin Cash addresses. Q: What do I need to do?