Bitcoin segwit2x countdown

bitcoin segwit2x countdown

able to mine Bitcoin ABC on August 4th. (For more information, see this article.) If you are one of the few miners that was mining on 148 Bitcoin with asic hardware, you may now want to point your hardware elsewhere or shut it down completely. Currently already 47 blocks signal BIP91 and we have 278 blocks to go so it's looking good. New York Agreement : an alternative scaling roadmap forged between a significant number. If a chain-split is not avoided, the situation is (still) too complex to predict. The first and original option was proposed by the.

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Dance/blocks, interesuje nas ten element: Okres sygnalizowana trwa 336 blokw. July 17th update: As per the implementation of BTC1, this "2x hard fork" should actually michael matthews bitcoin activate three months after SegWit activation not three months after (BIP91) lock. If at least a majority of miners (by hash power) actually does enforce BIP91 for the next couple of weeks, this should make BIP148 obsolete. This would ensure they always (re-)claim the longest valid chain according to all current Bitcoin nodes, and will activate SegWit through BIP141. However, i f a majority of hash power does not actually enforce BIP91 by August 1st, the scenario described here does still hold. At the same time, there is a very real risk that.

bitcoin segwit2x countdown

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