Litecoin ponzi scheme

litecoin ponzi scheme

in November, a filing on the UK Registrar of Companies revealed the British Companies House has sent an official warning to BitConnect, threatening to shut down the Bitcoin investment site and dissolve its operations. Clearly, with no one at the helm of Bitcoin, no one can run away or take over other peoples money or Bitcoin. This litmus test is so powerful and apt that you can apply it within the crypto space. You can also use it to judge other schemes outside of this market. They then sell the Bitcoin for RMB on the large Chinese bitcoin code forum exchanges. With the stock market down substantially, Chinese traders will latch onto any market that is rising. Bitcoin is based on the decentralized and censorship-resistant tech of blockchain and proof of work which makes sure that no one, in particular, is in-charge.

In initial days, mostly geeks used to mine and play with Bitcoin and most of them used to spend it on gambling or pizzas or just used to giveaway in meetups. When asked to elaborate on his stance, the Ethereum founder said the following: While this marks the first time Lee has shared his thoughts on BitConnect, Buterin had previously expressed skepticism about the Bitcoin lending platform on other occasions. It is up over 8x in one month. As always with crypto trading: when in doubt, look to China. Bitcoin has no head/person controlling. Bitcoin doesnt promise or gives monthly/regular returns. Bitcoin never asked anyone to put money. Time for you to tell me : Do you know of any crypto scams or Ponzi schemes currently going on? Other altcoins are benefiting as well. Do your research thoroughly before placing all your eggs in BitConnects basket: all that glitters is not gold.

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