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who would take our rights have been left with no choice but to try and force their agenda upon us through dictatorial means. The Prepper Website, just five days ago the President vowed to push forward on gun control without Congress and Nancy Pelosi argued that no matter what Congress says, gun control is inevitable.

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Munitions Import List references executive orders, amends ATF regulations and clarifies Attorney General authority to designate defense articles and defense services as part of the statutory usml for purposes of permanent import controls, among other clauses specified in heavy legalese requiring commensurate analysis to identify. That might mean no more milsurp parts sets. Administration is taking executive action on firearms importation. 102 Not Out Hindi 2018 13th (2016) 211 30 arbeit im und ums haus verringern Years Ago 2016 30 Youm Fi Ezz 2016 30 Youm Fil3izz 2016 30 S01 E01 30 S01 E02 30 S01 E03 30 S01 E04 30 S01 E05 30 S01 E06 30 S01 E07 30 S01 E08. Click here to subscribe : Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary. Aaelt Micky 2010, abu Shanab 2016, acts of Violence. What the UN Arms Trade Treaty, passed without media fanfare by 154 counties, would do is to restrict the global trade of, among other things, small arms and light weapons. To further his gun-grabbing agenda, however, President Obama and his administration didnt stop there. Agent Mr Chan, ahlan Bikom fi Lebnan 2016 Akel Shareb Nayem 2017 Akher Ayyam Madina Akher Dik fi Masr 2017 Akher Waraqa 2015 Akhlaq Al 3abid 2017 Al Kanz 1 2017 Al Khaliya 2017 AlAsleyeen 2017 Ali Mi3zah w Ibrahim 2016 Alien Covenant All the. Congress, and thus We the People, may have unequivocally rejected federal legislation in March which aimed to outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, restrict magazine capacity, and force national registration, but that didnt stop the President from ceding regulatory control over firearms importation to the United Nations just two.

Please Spread The Word And Share This Post Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 95,981 people Date: April 23rd, 2013 Website: m Copyright Information: Copyright shtfplan and Mac Slavo. Going through the United Nations and now implementing Executive Actions to bypass Americas Constitutionally mandated system of checks and balances is an act of desperation. No more milsurp magazines. A direct on attack on the second amendment is difficult if not impossible, so they are trying to slither their way in through the backdoor by restricting international trade so we cant import new firearms, by restricting access to accessories and gun parts, by heavily.