Hitbtc bitcoin deposit error

hitbtc bitcoin deposit error

is being delayed, please fill out the form below. For each and every currency on HitBTC theres a separate address. Make sure that youve specified correct payment ID, if required. Check if the transaction is confirmed in blockchain. In case you deposited to your HitBTC address a coin which is not integrated into HitBTC it is not possible to credit it to your account or send back to your external wallet. In case youve encountered this kind of issue, please refer ubitquity records first real property ownership transfer on bitcoin blockchain to our policy on recovery of mistakenly sent deposits. Please look up for the currency's ticker. Red field means that deposits are temporarily switched off for the currency. If it's not there, it means that we do not have this currency integrated yet. Once the transaction has been sent, its not possible to speed.

Once update is finished, some time is required for wallets to get synchronised with the blockchain. It is not possible to speed up deposits processing. Locate your transaction by inserting your hash on the corresponding blockchain explorer website and check the status.

Make sure that youve been using correct address. For ETH tokens: make sure you have sent original tokens. In these cases your own Payment ID (or message, or destination tag, etc.) is used to tie a particular transaction online forex brokers in pakistan to your account. Please proceed to the. Deposits of Ethereum to a token address or vice versa sent before re considered as a transaction sent to a wrong address.